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More Doctor's Appointment

As im going close to my due date. Im getting more doctor's appointment. My doctor wants to see me once a week now. I really can't wait till my pregnancy is over. So far, I am just lucky that I never have any kind of pain. Pregnancy is going smoothly and baby is kicking harder now. I just wish everything will be this smooth until the time when the baby needs to come out. My sister in law, has been planning my baby shower which I actually did'nt plan to have. But oh well, she wants to do it so I just agree with her. Well that's all for now and I'll be updating again when I have the time. Good day and happy blogging everyone!


chandan said...

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Ruthy said...

congratulations for ur baby..having a baby is so wonderful..i dropped ec and followed ur blog today..

The Endless Life's Journey