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Problem with the sound on my pc

I was having problem with distorted sound on my computer. I tried everything to fixed it but to no avail. I spend like 4 hours trying to put the sound back the way it used to be. But I just get frustrated after 4 hours and still have the distorted sound. It all happens after my computer just started working because of a virus that my anti virus program wasn't able to detect. So I tried the system recovery after my pc failed to turn back on. Well it did work, but of course some programs had to be reinstalled. After that, I do all the pc and windows update and then the problem with the sound on my pc started. But finally, I was able to fix the sound already. For some these steps might be complicated to do. But all I did was uninstall the primary ide controller and restart the pc and after that the sound work perfectly. So, im glad my sound is back to normal.


The Endless Life's Journey