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Diet Update

Finally after 6 weeks of being so scared to weigh myself in, I had the courage today to see if my diet is working. The past few weeks I am so hesitant to weigh myself because at the back of my mind I was thinking my diet is not working that I am not losing any weight. But today, I finally gave in and check how much I weigh now. 6 weeks ago before I started to diet I weigh 157 pounds. I am only 5"0 tall so 157 lbs. is too big for my frame. Then today after I check out myself, after the 6 weeks of serious dieting I lose 12 lbs. in 6 weeks. I now weigh 145 lbs. which of course still heavy but hey, still 12 lbs. lose is a big deal to me. My aim is to weigh 120 lbs. by the end of this year, so let's see if it's gonna happen. It is really hard to lose weight but is easy to gain weight. I am lazy, I don't exercise and my only exercise is like once a week walking around the lake a couple of times which I don't think is much of a deal. But still I lose 12 lbs. with just the calorie counting diet. But yes I will soon start the regular exercise to lose more weight quickly. Anyways, losing weight is not about starving yourself. Losing weight is about eating wisely and eating healthy foods. You don't have to stop eating everything that you like to eat, in my case I love eating rice. Hey I am Asian, I eat rice 3 times a day but the reason I gain so much weight from eating it is because I ate too much of it. Remember, too much of everything is not good. I now measure what I eat, I just don't stuff myself with foods and not thinking about how much calories I am actually eating. I learned that 1 cup of cooked white rice have 210 calories. A slice of pepperoni pizza has 290 calories. Now, I measure and calculate everything I eat. I make sure that I don't go over my normal calorie intake. It is better this way than starving yourself just to lose weight. I also stop drinking any soda's instead I stick with water and green tea which I usually brewed myself. So well that's a quick update on my diet. I'll, update in a couple of months to see if I lose more weight. Have a nice day bloggers!!!


Ladybird33 said...

Keep up your diet, that is awesome. Liking your blog.

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