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A Friend or A Bitch!

I have a friend who seem to be acting weird every time I talked to her. She always has something to say about how I look. Like for example, this happened a long time ago but I'm just using this as an example. One time, I just woke up and turn on my pc and I found her online on ym. So of course I chatted with her and then she ask for my cam, I open up my webcam and then right away she has something to laugh. She told me I look like a witch co'z I actually still have my hair on a mess! And I told her that I just woke up before she even ask for my cam. But anyways, I just didn't care about that but my husband was pissed about that. He said, my friend doesn't even look pretty at all. But of course, I told him to get over it. Then the past few times we chatted, she still is the same. She told me how fat I am and that I am fatter than her. But of course, my hubby don't want anybody to make fun of me specially my so-called friend. So he started running his mouth when he saw my friend's picture on friendster. Well, my husband thought she's fatter than me. My point is, I am so getting tired of her noticing every little thing about me physically. Frankly, she's not even a beauty anyway. I am so sick of her,I don't really know what is her problem. I don't even know if I should still call her my friend. She's not a friend but a bitch!!!


Allen's Darling said...

Hi felisa,

Be careful choosing your friend. Coz sometimes even we didnt do something bad at them. They will always try find fault to us. Be careful dai... she is just jealous of your beauty. Me, i gained a lot. Since when i come long your comfortable with it go my friend. Beauty is in the eye of beholder. Cheers!!!

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