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Extra virgin olive oil

I have been experimenting on using extra virgin olive oil not just for cooking but also as beauty treatment. I get tired of buying those expensive products in the store that don't work for me at least. So I did a few research online for home made solution to different skin problems. And I read a lot about extra virgin olive oil. So I figure I should try it, it's cheaper to use and no added chemicals. First I use it as my home made hot oil treatment and yes, it does work on my frizzy hair. I also use it to moisturize my whole body. All I do is apply plain extra virgin olive oil in my whole body. Yeah I know, it is greasy but all I do is after applying it I wipe my whole body with a dry towel. And the result is, I will never need to buy any body lotion in the store again. I know the smell is not that good but you can add your favorite scent to the oil if you can't bear the smell. Well, anyways I only been using this for a week now. So I guess, I'll update my blog later on if there's more improvement in my body by using extra virgin olive oil. That's all for now and happy blogging!


The Endless Life's Journey