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Drinking Green Tea

I had been drinking green tea daily for 2 weeks now. The main reason I am drinking green tea is for health reason. Studies shows that there are components in green tea that can help prevent a variety of disease such as cancer, heart disease, gum disease and helps to lose weight and skin aging. I am kind of doing some experiment on myself on what will be the effect of drinking green tea daily. So far in my two weeks of green tea, it kind of give me more energy everyday. Before I usually wake up and is always tired and lousy the whole day. These days, I can do more things without even getting so tired. As for losing weight, I notice nothing because I don't exercise these days. But people said, regular exercise and drinking green tea can help lose weight quickly. Green tea alone cannot help you lose weight. You also have to change your diet and to exercise. There are still a lot of health benefits from green tea. Some people said, it helps on their skin aging problem. It kind of slow down the aging process. Well anyways, I love green tea and I guess it will be included in my daily drinks already.


The Endless Life's Journey