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Sweet Potato Cue Disaster

Well I was trying to cook sweet potato cue today, we call it camote cue in my country. Anyways, it turns out to be a disaster. I deep fried the sweet potato and forgot that I need brown sugar to go with it. I found out, I was out of brown sugar and all I got was white sugar. So I continue to deep fried the sweet potato and decided to just roll it on white sugar when its done. I was talking with my husband while the sweet potato is in the deep fryer. When I go to check it, it was overcooked and I still think positive that somehow it will taste better with the sugar. So I roll it in the white sugar and let it cool down for a few minutes. When I tried to eat it, it taste horrible and my husband tried only one bite and refuse to eat more. So I don't have a choice but to eat it all, good thing is that I did not cooked a lot. So well next time, I will make sure I have brown sugar and make sure that it will not be overcooked. That's all for today co'z husband and I will be watching this 3d friday the 13th movie that we bought in the store today. I really hate wearing the 3d glasses but its ok the whole movie looks real in 3d. Good evening everyone!


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