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I.E to Firefox and now Opera

A few months ago I get tired using Internet Explorer as my browser because it keep freezing. So then I switch to Mozilla Firefox which I thought is a better browser. Well yeah, it is safer than Internet Explorer but my god, It take so long for the browser to open. I thought configuring it and hacking the mozilla firefox setup will solve it like what people said. So yes I did everything, changing some pipelining setup for the mozilla firefox. Sad to say, it did worked on some other people but it never worked in me. My mozilla firefox still slow to open, so now I give up using it. Right now I am using the Opera browser and so far, I am very happy with it. It loads quick and it never crashes so far. So well I am sticking to Opera for now and see how it work. I still use firefox every now and then but my main browser now is Opera. Happy blogging everyone!


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