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I happened to listen to an amazing 12 year old girl from California. She is amazing and her voice is really good. Lena started singing when she was still a little girl and she sung the National Anthem in front of huge crowd and earn positive feedback. Now she released her own composition titled Frame which you can hear at Lena's myspace page. This kid really got a serious talent, no kidding! She really can sing. I even let my husband listened to her song and my husband agree that this girl is amazing. With a talent like that, it’s not hard to think that this girl will be very famous soon. Oh by the way, that song Framed is pretty cool and I like it. Seriously people, you have to check out Lena's myspace page and hear it for yourself.

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Motorcycle Community

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Job Interview Soon

Today I was contacted by an Aflac regional Administrator to show up in their regional office this Wednesday at 10 am for an interview. But I am having second thought about it since the job they are offering is not really the job that I originally applied for. They want an interview with me for the Account Executive position and management positions. I never worked as an Account Executive before and that was cleary stated on my resume. I think they contacted me because of my Accountancy background since I took up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in College which by the way I never finished. But oh well, they offer to interview me and I needed a job. I don't have high hopes for this job but it will be great if I get it.


With the economy crumbling down, most people think all businesses are sinking. But its surprising to know that Cydcor is still growing stronger.Cydcor is the leading provider of outsourced, face-to-face sales teams to a diverse range of clients. They help business such as verizon and AT&T grow their sales with the help of cydcor professional sales teams. Cydcor was named among the Best places to work in 2008. Cydcor has many methods to help their clients get more customers on their businesses. If you are into business and needs to grow your sales then check out cydcor now.


Suffering from rheumatoid arthritis is not fun at all. There are times because of the pain you can't do anything. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic illness that can last for long. It causes chronic inflammation of the joints. There is no known cure for rheumatoid arthritis however there is a treatment to reduce the pain. The treatment can also reduce inflammation, can maximize joint function, and prevent joint destruction and deformity. There are 2 kinds of medication for rheumatoid arthritis. Drugs like aspirin and cortisone are considered First line drugs which is use to reduce pain and inflammation. The second kinds of medication is the second line drugs like Plaquenil which prevent further joint damage and promote disease remission. Sometimes rheumatoid arthritis pain is unbearable that makes a person emotionally depressed. The Good thing is doctors have been finding treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Today there are a lot of treatments for RA and helps RA patients to enjoy life again without the pain. Using Enbrel helps stop the pain for RA though you have to check with your doctor before using it. ENBREL is a medicine, called a tumor necrosis factor (TNF) blocker, that blocks the action of a substance your body's immune system makes, called TNF.ENBREL can reduce the amount of active TNF in the body to normal levels, helping to treat your disease. What I don't like about ENBREL is that it can lower the ability of your immune system to fight infections. If I could make an ad for RA, it will say Fight RA and live pain free, take Enbrel.

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