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Roast Turkey

Today I decided to roast a 10 pound turkey that had been sitting in the freezer since November of 2008. There is no occasion but I get tired of the turkey taking so much space in the freezer. So well I decided to cook it today. I know for sure, we won't be able to eat the 10 pound turkey. It's just me and my husband and my husband don't really eat so much meat. But I'm not so worried if there is a lot of leftover because I already have a list of recipe for leftover roast turkey. But my husband receives an early call from his work today asking him to come early. So that means, there's no way I am going to cook this turkey and eat it alone. So I decided to move it for tomorrow since it's the weekend anyways. Also I think the turkey is still not totally thawed. I am planning to call my dad in law and invite him and his girlfriend to have lunch or dinner with us tomorrow. That way, there will be more people to eat this turkey. I originally plan to use it this May on my husband's birthday. But since he refuses to have a small birthday party so I will just cook it now to have some space in the freezer. I am planning to cook the turkey with a touch of Filipino style on it. This is my second time trying to roast turkey. The first time was a disaster but well; let's see if I will be improve this time.


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