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Losing Weight

Since living here in Ohio I gain so much weight that it's hard to lose it. At first I thought, its ok I could lose that weight easily but then I was wrong. The last time I weigh myself I was so upset knowing how much I weigh. So I decided it's time to lose weight but the question is can I do it? Well, I told my husband he needs to help me, by helping me means he is not allowed to eat tempting foods infront of me. I'm glad my husband agrees. Next, I need exercise but since the weather is still freezing I really can't go out to jog and no way will I pay to go to the gym. So I decided to just do it inside the house for now, some plain stretching and jumping jack might help. I will start jogging around the lake in summer. It's been 3 days now since I started my diet. I totally cut off the meat for now; instead I eat more vegetables and fruits these days. I also have my blender out already because I blend different fruits and vegetables to be easily eaten. Well, let's see after a month if I will ever lose weight.


The Endless Life's Journey