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Is it Love or Something?

I found this article at my favorite love website again. I thought it is a very nice article so I want to share it to everyone. I think this article will give men and women ideas on how to determine the signs of love.

What he’ll do:

* Put you on his “A” list (pay attention -- You'll know if you're not on it)
* Introduce you to his family
* Make plans for the future (near and far)
* Do things outside of his “box” with you
* Share his secrets and his dreams for the future with you
* Worry about impressing your friends
* Come right over when you ask him to
* Try to do things that comfort you or relieve some of your stress (like surprise you with dinner on a night you are working, rub your feet, or ask about your day)
* Appreciate and reciprocate your feelings and your actions like giving you a massage after he gets one from you, doing the dishes after dinner, or sending you a gift

What she’ll do:

* Share her embarrassing moments and fantasies with you
* Little things all throughout the day that let you know she’s thinking about you
* Fantasize about her life with you, getting married, having kids, growing old, traveling the world, etc.
* Tease you
* Hang out with your mother or talk to her on the phone
* Appreciate and reciprocate your feelings and your actions, like offering to pay for dinner, getting tickets to a game or event she knows you’ll love, or cooking for you
* Ask questions about your life -- past, present, and future
* Flirt with you

How you’ll feel:

* Excited, yet relaxed
* Vulnerable, yet strong
* Comfortable enough to be yourself in front of them
* Like you want to include them in everything (but you won't desert your usual crowd to be in a relationship with them)
* You’ll miss them when they’re not around
* You can’t wait to see them, talk to them, play with them, and kiss them
* You’ll find yourself wanting to make plans to have them all to yourself
* You’ll have urges to do romantic things (maybe on the verge of stalker-like things) that you never thought you’d never do

Signs that it’s not love:

* They blow you off or cancel dates
* Talking about commitment makes either of you uneasy or nervous
* Either of you are seeing other people
* Things are moving too quickly for one of you
* You find your partner lacking when compared to other people
* You watch a love scene in a movie or hear a love song and you feel a strong longing or desire for what you don’t have


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