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Ideas for Long Distance Relationship Romance

These 7 ideas was an article of my favorite love website. I think it is useful for those who are currently in a long distance relationship. Spice up your relationship even if it is long distance. Check out these seven great tips.

Day One: Love You Pillow
Personalized pillows are one of my favorite long distance gift ideas. They can be romantic, funny or even sensual, allowing you some great personal creativity. In fact, you can even use iron-ons to give your partner a nightly reminder of you as Jennifer, an LYC reader suggests. "For a long distance gift, I made him a pillow and ironed-on a picture of us together sleeping on one side. On the other side I wrote with a fabric marker “I love you” in 30 different languages. Now, every time he goes to bed, he can see and think of me!"

Day Two: A Day in the Life
When you're apart, the one thing you want to know more is how they're spending their days. You want a glimpse of the everyday things your partner goes through to keep the connection feeling real. One LYC reader offers an excellent way to achieve this. "I wanted to show him a day in my life, so I took pictures throughout my day. Then I put them together and added notes about everything that's going on. It's a way of making it feel like you're much closer than you actually are, which is a nice sentiment."

Day Three: Message In A Bottle
Who can resist the allure of a secret message meant just for you? John, another LYC reader, gives us an excellent and very inexpensive way to present this idea. "My girlfriend and I currently live apart from each other. I wanted to send her a special note in the mail, so I came up with this idea. I got a clear plastic soda bottle, and took all the wrapping off it. I typed up a note to her and printed it on some paper that looked like a scroll. I rolled it up nice and tight and tied it in a bow. I put the note in the bottle, and screwed the top on. I taped her address to the outside of the bottle, and it only cost me .55 cents in the US mail! She absolutely loved it! Trust me, it will be one of the best inexpensive surprises ever!"

Day Four: A Story of Us
Keeping the connection real is an important ingredient to a successful long distance romance. Therefore, having reminders of time you've spent together are very important. Rami, a LYC reader gives us a fun and entertaining way to present this idea. "I did this for my guy, and it was truly enlightening! It always helps if you have some theme, for example, a snow day together. You make a collage of pictures, notes, emails, etc. Then write a story about them. It really shows how much the time spent together meant, and it's creative!" For those who are computer savvy, consider giving this as slideshow presentation.

Day Five: Getting to Know You
Like Lynsita, a fellow LYC reader, many long distance couples are looking for new ways to establish a deeper emotional bond with they're partners. Here she offers some great advice, "When you can't physically be together, getting to know each other more deeply on an emotional and intellectual level can be a very good use of time apart in a long-distance relationship. My boyfriend and I started an online journal. Each one of us posts a journal topic and we both respond to it. We've journaled about everything from our likes and dislikes to our hopes for the future together, religion, personal goals and our views on future family values." These journals also offer a great way to record your relationship. In a few years you can look back and see how you've grown and changed as a couple.

Day Six: Audio Love Letter
There's not much that can compare to the sweet sound of your partner's voice when you're apart. Write down a few short, loving, and encouraging messages for your partner. Now, either record them onto a voice recorder or call your partner and leave a series of voicemail messages they can play back whenever they need their "fix" of you.

Day Seven: A Daily Reminder
Sudden pains of longing for your partner can happen just about anywhere. To remind your partner that you're there for them, even when you're not, consider giving them something small they can take with them anywhere like this LYC reader's long distance love did for her. "For Valentine’s Day, the guy I just started dating, sent me a card and half of a two dollar bill with the note: 'I gave you a half of a $2 bill. I will have the other half in my wallet with me at all times. When we are together my half and your half will be a whole, and those ones make a two like you and me, 1+1=2.' It is in my wallet and every so often when I miss him I pull it out and hold it."


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