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Friday the 13th movie

Well last night husband and I went to see the premier of Friday the 13th. The theater was filled with people; the line is so long just to buy the ticket. We almost gave up but then since we're there already so we patiently wait. And finally was able to buy the ticket. The movie was awesome, first of all the main actor is one of my favorite. Jared Padalecki did a good job acting as the good guy just looking for his missing sister. I jump a couple of times during the whole show but primarily it's because of the sound. Jason in this movies is not dumb infact he held someone prisoner which never happened in the previous Friday the 13th movie. They also added a couple of comedy parts but still the overall movie is not bad at all. Well of course like the other Friday the 13th movie; there are a lot of nudity in the movie and a couple of sex scene. Other than that, we got our money worth and I do hope they will do a sequel to this one.


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