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Free Unlimited text to the Philippines

A couple months ago I bought an unlock phone so I could use my roaming simcard I got for free from . I do this so my family in the Philippines will be able to text me for a cheap price. The problem is if I use my roaming simcard to text them back, it cost me a lot of loads. So I tried not to use it so much and I make sure I have at least 500 pesos worth of loads in my roaming simcard. Anyways, I use chikka to reply to their messages but of course chikka don't allow unlimited messages. So sometimes I use my regular cellphone here in Ohio to reply to my family's text messages which cost a lot of loads. I wasn't really able to save by using the roaming simcard. So then one day I found out this wonderful website that allows you to text your family in the Phillipines without limit. It is a free unlimited text to the Philippines. So if you are like me and wanted to send unlimited text to anybody in the Philippines. You might want to check out uLink. There you can enjoy unlimited text with absolutely no fee.


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