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A few weeks ago, I had signs of pregnancy. But we never really had the time to go to the doctor for check up. Life was so busy that even when I wasn't feeling really good, I had to do things. Plus of course, the weather is making us do things slower than usual. Anyways, 2 days ago I feel weird, I was having some cramps. At first it doesn't stay long so I did not mind it at all. Then the cramps started to stay a little bit longer but still I did not mind it. Then after that, the cramps just won't stop. It hurts so much, I had to scream a couple of times. But I was alone since husband had to do some things and he let me stay in the house since I told him, I was having a little cramps. I took up some aspirin to help with the cramps and it actually worked. So I was able to sleep then when I wake up it was late already and hubby was home. I told him I was having really bad cramps, and he ask me if we have to call the doctor but I was stubborn and told him no. The next day, I was bleeding with cramps and the bleeding just keep on going and going, it seems it will never stop. The pain is unbearable, but I still refuse to go see the doctor. That was 2 days ago and now the cramps are gone but my bleeding still never stops. I'm wondering now, did I just had a miscarriage again or I just have my period? But husband and I don't really know. I am still resting now since the bleeding is still too much not a regular period but I'm just glad the cramps is totally gone.


Joops said...

Oh My God, you should go to the doctor right away. Did you take a PT? Hope you're okay now.. Please consult a doctor...

Lin said...

And you didn't go to the doctor why?! You have to take care of yourself, woman! You may have had a pregnancy in the fallopian tubes or something, so you may want to check this out. If you don't, it may be something serious that prevents you from future pregnancies. Take care.

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