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Save on Long Distance Calls

With our economy today, almost everyone is struggling. Most people these days have to cut something on their normal life just to be able to save. Me and my husband did some cutting on bills. I use to call long distance to be in contact with some of my friends that are out of state and some are living in Canada. But I had to stop doing that just to be able to cut off some bills. Well of course, I really miss my friends so I constantly check for any good deals on long distance charges. Then I found CallingAmerica and tried their service and I am so contented about it. CallingAmerica let's you make phone calls from your computer to anyone in the US. At first of course I was hesitant to try using it for a free calls but I did tried it and called a friend in Vegas. Since I was unregistered when I tried it, I only was able to make a quick call for about 2 minutes. But for registered user they can get unlimited calls for up to 15 minutes. It is easy to use and you can anybody in the United States just by using a computer with broadband connection. You don't have to pay so much just visit CallingAmerica and try a quick free call and you are guaranteed to be able to save money for calling long distance.


The Endless Life's Journey