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For Supper

PhotobucketI was really craving for pancit bijon guisado since last week. So finally today I decided to cook it for supper. My husband loves it when I prepare pancit for meal. So today I cook it my own way. Since I don't have chorizo as one of the ingredient, I substituted it with fully cooked ham. I cut the cooked ham into pieces then fry it and add to my pancit as one of the garnishment. Well, the result wasn't bad at all and I actually love it. I am just waiting for my husband's reaction when he gets home from work. This is the first time I added ham on my pancit so I really hope my husband would like it. So right now, I am going to eat it since my husband will not be home until midnight. This is what I prepare for supper, I actually think I cooked a lot for just two people but I could always reheat the leftover. That's all and have a nice evening every one.


Grace said...

wow sarap nman nyan pahinge hehe anyway sis gusto mo ng 3 column for free eto yung site copy mo nalang and paste sa google kung di ma click kung gusto mo lang po yan yung link pili ka dun

Cacai_Nad said...

Hello Felisa, i knew from fs group Filipina-Foreigner Best Couples, I hope it's alright with u I added you in my link site, I hope me too.. heheh.. Anyway, nice bihon/sotanghon guisado! I haven't post lots of recipe though, lack of time, if I have time will. I like what u cook, me I usually make pansit guisado and I will try ur recipe next time. Looks tasty.. hemm.. am salivating here.. Well then, visit me in my blog.. see yah!

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