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Darn Winter!

I am so tired and really freezing. Husband and I have to shovel and dig the snow out from the car and the driveway. I usually don't help my husband when it comes to cleaning out the snow but today I feel bad for him so I help. The car was totally buried in the snow, the whole drive way was totally gone so husband had to shovel the snow on the side. It was not an easy job, since last night we have a heavy snow, combine it with freezing rain. It will still go on until tonight. Husband manage to make a small passage enough for the car to get out of the driveway. While he was shoveling, I was digging out the snow that buried the car. Well of course, at the end my husband has to finish my job. Well that's not all the problem. After all the shoveling and digging, the car keep stalling because it was freezing. So husband had to let it run for a long time just to warm it up. And then, he notice it was really low on gas too. So he was wondering if he will be able to make it to work since there is a little gas station beside his work place. I really don't want him to go to work but he doesn’t want to lose job too. So he took the risk and go to work; now I'm wondering if he ever makes it. One more thing, I don't have any way to know it right away since he never bring cell phone. Oh yeah, the anti freeze is also leaking. Wow! This day really suck, this darn winter is a pain!!!


chubskulit said...

awww that's bad, its freezing cold here in our location but no snow... said...

I live in Chicago...better known as the Windy City. Therefore, I definitely understand.

Lara said...

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