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Burning Up

It is 28 degree outside and also snowing right now here in Ohio. But here I am, sweating so much while I am cleaning inside the house. Not because I move so much that I sweat, the reason is because we have problem with our furnace since a day ago. The temperature inside our house is actually 90 degree and yes it's burning me up. Something happened to our furnace, it is only set to 90 degree. It won't let us control the temperature. It is just set to 90 degree so yes it's really hot inside the house. If we try to put it on 60 degree it will do nothing so we are stuck to 90 degree inside the house. It's either that or we'll be freezing! It's funny that sometimes we have to crack our window open just to get the right temperature. Like a couple of weeks ago the temperature was 1 degree and we have to open our window since inside our house it's 90 degree. We really need this furnace fix soon or our heater bills will be so high. Hopefully soon it will be fixing, still saving for the repair of the furnace. Well good evening to everyone and have a nice winter!


The Endless Life's Journey