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More Doctor's Appointment

As im going close to my due date. Im getting more doctor's appointment. My doctor wants to see me once a week now. I really can't wait till my pregnancy is over. So far, I am just lucky that I never have any kind of pain. Pregnancy is going smoothly and baby is kicking harder now. I just wish everything will be this smooth until the time when the baby needs to come out. My sister in law, has been planning my baby shower which I actually did'nt plan to have. But oh well, she wants to do it so I just agree with her. Well that's all for now and I'll be updating again when I have the time. Good day and happy blogging everyone!

Just what's going on with me

It's been a very long time since I last visited my blog. I had been so busy with things going on with my life. First of all, the reason I stop blogging for a while is because I had been so lazy and have a lot of headaches and nausea. Why? no I am not sick but I am pregnant. Yes, finally pregnant after 4 years of being married. And this one hopefully will be successful. I did not even find out I was pregnant until I am about 20 weeks. I thought the headache and nausea is just some stress since during that time my husband and I are moving. Aside from the headache and nausea, well there's the visiting of the bathroom a lot. My husband was the one who conclude I am pregnant and at first I just laugh at him since for some reason I just don't feel like pregnant. But then he keep nagging me to see a doctor and he was 100% sure I am pregnant and it turns out he was right. We are happy to hear the news although it was unexpected and really was not planned. But it happens and I am on my 27th week this Wednesday. So far everything is fine with the baby, there are days it kicked so much but there are days i'ts like being lazy. I have another prenatal appointment this Wednesday. And oh, the only problem I have right now is I was diagnose with gestational diabetes on my 24th week. So I have to watch out on my sugar intake and also have to check my blood sugar 4 times a day. I also have a one on one talk with my dietitian and she put me on diet. I thought pregnant women are not suppose to diet but well I have. It's hard but I have to follow the meal plan. So that's what going on with me. Hopefully I won't be too lazy to update my blog again...Good morning to everyone and happy blogging!

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Husband and I has been very busy since the day after our wedding anniversary. We find a really nice house and it has a lot of things that I love about it. Also the price is right on our budget so we grabbed it right away. Since that day, it is a nonstop moving activities and until now we are still not done moving to the new house. We was thinking of paying the movers but budget wise, it ain't possible. However, friends and families offer a lot of help so I am really grateful for all the help. Hopefully by the end of this week, we will be totally done moving. So well that's all for now because I still have some more packing to do. Good day and happy blogging everyone!

Diet Update

Finally after 6 weeks of being so scared to weigh myself in, I had the courage today to see if my diet is working. The past few weeks I am so hesitant to weigh myself because at the back of my mind I was thinking my diet is not working that I am not losing any weight. But today, I finally gave in and check how much I weigh now. 6 weeks ago before I started to diet I weigh 157 pounds. I am only 5"0 tall so 157 lbs. is too big for my frame. Then today after I check out myself, after the 6 weeks of serious dieting I lose 12 lbs. in 6 weeks. I now weigh 145 lbs. which of course still heavy but hey, still 12 lbs. lose is a big deal to me. My aim is to weigh 120 lbs. by the end of this year, so let's see if it's gonna happen. It is really hard to lose weight but is easy to gain weight. I am lazy, I don't exercise and my only exercise is like once a week walking around the lake a couple of times which I don't think is much of a deal. But still I lose 12 lbs. with just the calorie counting diet. But yes I will soon start the regular exercise to lose more weight quickly. Anyways, losing weight is not about starving yourself. Losing weight is about eating wisely and eating healthy foods. You don't have to stop eating everything that you like to eat, in my case I love eating rice. Hey I am Asian, I eat rice 3 times a day but the reason I gain so much weight from eating it is because I ate too much of it. Remember, too much of everything is not good. I now measure what I eat, I just don't stuff myself with foods and not thinking about how much calories I am actually eating. I learned that 1 cup of cooked white rice have 210 calories. A slice of pepperoni pizza has 290 calories. Now, I measure and calculate everything I eat. I make sure that I don't go over my normal calorie intake. It is better this way than starving yourself just to lose weight. I also stop drinking any soda's instead I stick with water and green tea which I usually brewed myself. So well that's a quick update on my diet. I'll, update in a couple of months to see if I lose more weight. Have a nice day bloggers!!!

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4 year anniversary soon

Well, husband and I will be celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary next week. Today I was thinking of what will be my anniversary gift for him. I usually don't give stupid gifts on our wedding anniversary. I make sure my gift is something that he needs and that will last a long time. No not jewelry, that's not what he need. But today I run out of idea for a gift. So maybe I will just be creative this year and make something for him from scratch that he will like. I still have a week to make it happen. That's all for now co'z I have a lot of errands to do still....Good evening bloggers!!!

Problem with the sound on my pc

I was having problem with distorted sound on my computer. I tried everything to fixed it but to no avail. I spend like 4 hours trying to put the sound back the way it used to be. But I just get frustrated after 4 hours and still have the distorted sound. It all happens after my computer just started working because of a virus that my anti virus program wasn't able to detect. So I tried the system recovery after my pc failed to turn back on. Well it did work, but of course some programs had to be reinstalled. After that, I do all the pc and windows update and then the problem with the sound on my pc started. But finally, I was able to fix the sound already. For some these steps might be complicated to do. But all I did was uninstall the primary ide controller and restart the pc and after that the sound work perfectly. So, im glad my sound is back to normal.

Extra virgin olive oil

I have been experimenting on using extra virgin olive oil not just for cooking but also as beauty treatment. I get tired of buying those expensive products in the store that don't work for me at least. So I did a few research online for home made solution to different skin problems. And I read a lot about extra virgin olive oil. So I figure I should try it, it's cheaper to use and no added chemicals. First I use it as my home made hot oil treatment and yes, it does work on my frizzy hair. I also use it to moisturize my whole body. All I do is apply plain extra virgin olive oil in my whole body. Yeah I know, it is greasy but all I do is after applying it I wipe my whole body with a dry towel. And the result is, I will never need to buy any body lotion in the store again. I know the smell is not that good but you can add your favorite scent to the oil if you can't bear the smell. Well, anyways I only been using this for a week now. So I guess, I'll update my blog later on if there's more improvement in my body by using extra virgin olive oil. That's all for now and happy blogging!

A Friend or A Bitch!

I have a friend who seem to be acting weird every time I talked to her. She always has something to say about how I look. Like for example, this happened a long time ago but I'm just using this as an example. One time, I just woke up and turn on my pc and I found her online on ym. So of course I chatted with her and then she ask for my cam, I open up my webcam and then right away she has something to laugh. She told me I look like a witch co'z I actually still have my hair on a mess! And I told her that I just woke up before she even ask for my cam. But anyways, I just didn't care about that but my husband was pissed about that. He said, my friend doesn't even look pretty at all. But of course, I told him to get over it. Then the past few times we chatted, she still is the same. She told me how fat I am and that I am fatter than her. But of course, my hubby don't want anybody to make fun of me specially my so-called friend. So he started running his mouth when he saw my friend's picture on friendster. Well, my husband thought she's fatter than me. My point is, I am so getting tired of her noticing every little thing about me physically. Frankly, she's not even a beauty anyway. I am so sick of her,I don't really know what is her problem. I don't even know if I should still call her my friend. She's not a friend but a bitch!!!

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Drinking Green Tea

I had been drinking green tea daily for 2 weeks now. The main reason I am drinking green tea is for health reason. Studies shows that there are components in green tea that can help prevent a variety of disease such as cancer, heart disease, gum disease and helps to lose weight and skin aging. I am kind of doing some experiment on myself on what will be the effect of drinking green tea daily. So far in my two weeks of green tea, it kind of give me more energy everyday. Before I usually wake up and is always tired and lousy the whole day. These days, I can do more things without even getting so tired. As for losing weight, I notice nothing because I don't exercise these days. But people said, regular exercise and drinking green tea can help lose weight quickly. Green tea alone cannot help you lose weight. You also have to change your diet and to exercise. There are still a lot of health benefits from green tea. Some people said, it helps on their skin aging problem. It kind of slow down the aging process. Well anyways, I love green tea and I guess it will be included in my daily drinks already.

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Looking for a new church

Husband and I has not been going to church for a long time now. The reason was the last church we attended closed down and for some other personal reason. Well, right now we have been checking some churches that our closer to the house but it seems we can't find the right one. We tried my husband's grandpa's church but it was too far from the house. So we stop going on that church too. Right now we still are looking but hopefully we'll be able to find one soon. So much stuff is going on right now and it's so exhausting. Anyways, I will have time to visit my friend's blogs these days. So happy blogging everyone.


I still can't get over with the season finale of Lost. First of all my theory about Locke being Jacob was wrong. I was actually happy when Locke supposedly alive again back in the island after being strangled to death by Ben. But the season finale last Wednesday kind of disappoint me. All this time, I been thinking Locke is actually Locke and Lo, Behold! Locke is still dead! The one in Locke's form is I guess Jacob's nemesis. I don't know the deal with him and Jacob but it was a relief to finally know who is Jacob. Locke is one of my favorite character in the show but I don't want him dead. I want him really alive so that's why the finale kind of sucks for me. Don't get me wrong, I still love the show and somehow I am still hoping that in the final season Locke will still be alive. Also I was thinking on the next season, the island will be back to it's present time. So therefore, everyone in the island will be reunited. Well, let's see and wait for Lost 2010.

So Busy

Yes, these days are another busy days for me and my hubby. Well, the reason is we are moving to a new apartment and we only have 3 weeks to pack are stuff. We have to be in our new apartment by June 1. I really don't want to move to a new apartment but our apartment now is too small for us. There's hardly any place to put stuff and I feel like I can't breath on this apartment. Well this apartment is really for single person or for newly wed couple that are just starting. Husband and I been together for 6 years and that's how long he live on this apartment. We just outgrown this apartment so we have to move on. So that's all fellow bloggers, I just don't have the time to be doing stuff in the pc. Good day everyone!

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Make it Through the Hard times

With a tough economy like this, how are married couple dealing with it? HOw are couples able to make it through the hard times? I found this article online and I am quite sure this will be helpful to every married couple out there.

The money factor is one of the most common sources of contention in a relationship. How you deal with hard times can either make or break you as a couple. While we as a nation may be in a time of economic hardship, your relationship doesn't need to suffer because of it. With a little creativity and these three rules, you can use this as an opportunity to strengthen the friendship and intimacy that binds you together as a couple.

Rule #1: Your Relationship Always Comes First
When dealing with any type of stressful situation, it's important to remember that you are a couple. What one person says or does affects the other. If you're stressed out, make sure you're talking about it with your partner. Don't bottle it up and expect things to "just get better." Your partner knows when something's up, so get rid of the guesswork and talk it through together. Two heads are always better than one when it comes to creative thinking.

Rule #2: Keep Having Fun
It's easy to let things in the fun department slide when life starts to get stressful. However, this is a crucial mistake. It's these types of situations where laughter and emotional escapes from your daily life are needed most. A little ingenuity may be just what you needed to "look on the bright side" and find a solution or different perspective for your current situation. Here are ten ideas to get you started.
Water Gun Fight
Game Night
Spend the Night Coloring
Test Drive Cars
Rearrange Furniture In Your House
Start A Garden
Photograph Each Other
Collage a "Dream Board"
Picnic and People Watch
Design Your Ideal Home

Rule #3: Have A Common Goal
To keep a group of people focused in the same direction, they have to have a common goal they are working towards. The same is true for a couple in a relationship. If you are both aimlessly living your everyday life without direction, it's quite likely you'll end up either in different places or somewhere you didn't want to be. Have a talk together and talk about your one year, five year, and ten year goals and ideals. You need to have something you are both working towards together, even if it's something as simple as planning a summer vacation or getting a new car.

I.E to Firefox and now Opera

A few months ago I get tired using Internet Explorer as my browser because it keep freezing. So then I switch to Mozilla Firefox which I thought is a better browser. Well yeah, it is safer than Internet Explorer but my god, It take so long for the browser to open. I thought configuring it and hacking the mozilla firefox setup will solve it like what people said. So yes I did everything, changing some pipelining setup for the mozilla firefox. Sad to say, it did worked on some other people but it never worked in me. My mozilla firefox still slow to open, so now I give up using it. Right now I am using the Opera browser and so far, I am very happy with it. It loads quick and it never crashes so far. So well I am sticking to Opera for now and see how it work. I still use firefox every now and then but my main browser now is Opera. Happy blogging everyone!

Sweet Potato Cue Disaster

Well I was trying to cook sweet potato cue today, we call it camote cue in my country. Anyways, it turns out to be a disaster. I deep fried the sweet potato and forgot that I need brown sugar to go with it. I found out, I was out of brown sugar and all I got was white sugar. So I continue to deep fried the sweet potato and decided to just roll it on white sugar when its done. I was talking with my husband while the sweet potato is in the deep fryer. When I go to check it, it was overcooked and I still think positive that somehow it will taste better with the sugar. So I roll it in the white sugar and let it cool down for a few minutes. When I tried to eat it, it taste horrible and my husband tried only one bite and refuse to eat more. So I don't have a choice but to eat it all, good thing is that I did not cooked a lot. So well next time, I will make sure I have brown sugar and make sure that it will not be overcooked. That's all for today co'z husband and I will be watching this 3d friday the 13th movie that we bought in the store today. I really hate wearing the 3d glasses but its ok the whole movie looks real in 3d. Good evening everyone!

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I happened to listen to an amazing 12 year old girl from California. She is amazing and her voice is really good. Lena started singing when she was still a little girl and she sung the National Anthem in front of huge crowd and earn positive feedback. Now she released her own composition titled Frame which you can hear at Lena's myspace page. This kid really got a serious talent, no kidding! She really can sing. I even let my husband listened to her song and my husband agree that this girl is amazing. With a talent like that, it’s not hard to think that this girl will be very famous soon. Oh by the way, that song Framed is pretty cool and I like it. Seriously people, you have to check out Lena's myspace page and hear it for yourself.

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Job Interview Soon

Today I was contacted by an Aflac regional Administrator to show up in their regional office this Wednesday at 10 am for an interview. But I am having second thought about it since the job they are offering is not really the job that I originally applied for. They want an interview with me for the Account Executive position and management positions. I never worked as an Account Executive before and that was cleary stated on my resume. I think they contacted me because of my Accountancy background since I took up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in College which by the way I never finished. But oh well, they offer to interview me and I needed a job. I don't have high hopes for this job but it will be great if I get it.


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Roast Turkey

Today I decided to roast a 10 pound turkey that had been sitting in the freezer since November of 2008. There is no occasion but I get tired of the turkey taking so much space in the freezer. So well I decided to cook it today. I know for sure, we won't be able to eat the 10 pound turkey. It's just me and my husband and my husband don't really eat so much meat. But I'm not so worried if there is a lot of leftover because I already have a list of recipe for leftover roast turkey. But my husband receives an early call from his work today asking him to come early. So that means, there's no way I am going to cook this turkey and eat it alone. So I decided to move it for tomorrow since it's the weekend anyways. Also I think the turkey is still not totally thawed. I am planning to call my dad in law and invite him and his girlfriend to have lunch or dinner with us tomorrow. That way, there will be more people to eat this turkey. I originally plan to use it this May on my husband's birthday. But since he refuses to have a small birthday party so I will just cook it now to have some space in the freezer. I am planning to cook the turkey with a touch of Filipino style on it. This is my second time trying to roast turkey. The first time was a disaster but well; let's see if I will be improve this time.


I finished all my errands early today, so right now I am just relaxing and waiting for 8 pm. I am excited for another episode of Lost which will start at 8. This is the moment I had been waiting for when they are all back to the island. I know for sure that even though Desmond refuse to go back to the island, he will end up in the island somehow. I am thinking probably this time Penny and their son Charlie will be with him too. Well, that's just my theory. Anyways, this is part of my Wednesday routine since lost season 5 started. I called Wednesday as LOST Day; I am obsessed with this TV show. The writers of this show are brilliant and I don't care what other people think, all I know is I love this show. So here I am just getting ready shutting off the phone and preparing snacks to enjoy while watching LOST. Good evening everyone!

I Finally Got My Check

I had been furious at your2cents survey because I did not get my check since December 5 of 2008 when I request for it. I had been doing surveys from them and I keep waiting for my check to come but there's none. So I finally gave up about it, I reported it at the survey police. But today when I did not expected it; I finally got my check from your2cents. I am very happy because it means I did not waste my time doing their surveys. I reported my complaints resolve at the survey police since I got the check already. So now, I still will continue to do survey from them and I am requesting another check today from them. I did not request it right away since I was waiting for this one to come first. I know it's a long wait but I am just happy I got it at last.

Overcome Public Speaking Fear

I am not eloquent infact I so much hate public speaking. For some reason, I don't have the confident to speak infront of a crowd. In school there are incidents that I can't run away from speaking infront of a crowd. Like delivering a report or a project infront of my classmates. Then in College, a couple of times I have to deliver the first reading during our school monthly mass. But I was really so nervous but I know I had to do it. I never get over being embarass to speak publicly. But I found out this ebook on how to eliminate the fear of public speaking. The book teaches some ways to do which are easy to follow to eliminate public speaking fears. It offers practical solution to achieve confidence speaking in public. So if you're like me, then grab a copy of this ebook and start learning to overcome your fear of public speaking.

Is it Love or Something?

I found this article at my favorite love website again. I thought it is a very nice article so I want to share it to everyone. I think this article will give men and women ideas on how to determine the signs of love.

What he’ll do:

* Put you on his “A” list (pay attention -- You'll know if you're not on it)
* Introduce you to his family
* Make plans for the future (near and far)
* Do things outside of his “box” with you
* Share his secrets and his dreams for the future with you
* Worry about impressing your friends
* Come right over when you ask him to
* Try to do things that comfort you or relieve some of your stress (like surprise you with dinner on a night you are working, rub your feet, or ask about your day)
* Appreciate and reciprocate your feelings and your actions like giving you a massage after he gets one from you, doing the dishes after dinner, or sending you a gift

What she’ll do:

* Share her embarrassing moments and fantasies with you
* Little things all throughout the day that let you know she’s thinking about you
* Fantasize about her life with you, getting married, having kids, growing old, traveling the world, etc.
* Tease you
* Hang out with your mother or talk to her on the phone
* Appreciate and reciprocate your feelings and your actions, like offering to pay for dinner, getting tickets to a game or event she knows you’ll love, or cooking for you
* Ask questions about your life -- past, present, and future
* Flirt with you

How you’ll feel:

* Excited, yet relaxed
* Vulnerable, yet strong
* Comfortable enough to be yourself in front of them
* Like you want to include them in everything (but you won't desert your usual crowd to be in a relationship with them)
* You’ll miss them when they’re not around
* You can’t wait to see them, talk to them, play with them, and kiss them
* You’ll find yourself wanting to make plans to have them all to yourself
* You’ll have urges to do romantic things (maybe on the verge of stalker-like things) that you never thought you’d never do

Signs that it’s not love:

* They blow you off or cancel dates
* Talking about commitment makes either of you uneasy or nervous
* Either of you are seeing other people
* Things are moving too quickly for one of you
* You find your partner lacking when compared to other people
* You watch a love scene in a movie or hear a love song and you feel a strong longing or desire for what you don’t have

Free Unlimited text to the Philippines

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The Wonder of Baking Soda and Vinegar

Since I live here in Ohio, I started having acne and dandruff. I tried everything, brought anything there is in the store to get rid of acne and dandruff. I wasted a lot of money trying to find a way to get rid of acne and dandruff. It even comes to the point when my husband started complaining about me spending so much on different products that never works. Now with this horrible economy, I realize I should stop going crazy buying everything that says can clear acne and dandruff. So I stop and switch in my kitchen for natural products to clean up acne and dandruff. Yes, I switch from being extravagant to being frugal. I start using Baking Soda on a lot of things even cleaning the house. I also start using it as a facial scrub and I am so amaze with the result. I have totally acne free skin now, all I do is mix baking soda with water and gently scrubbing it in my face 3 times a week. The result is fabulous! Smooth clear skin and I will never spend any money again to buy products in the store for acne that never actually work. About my dandruff, I started using white vinegar on my hair every time I take a shower. Yes, the smell is not so pleasant but as far as my dandruff, it is gone. All I do is mix a cup of vinegar on the last rinse of my hair. I do this every time I wash my hair and after 3 times of using vinegar, my hair is dandruff free. These 2 products, Baking Soda and Vinegar are really amazing. You can use it in almost anything and you will be able to save money. Why spend so much buying expensive stuff when you can go to your kitchen and find some natural products that help you achieve beautiful skin. There are a lot of products in our kitchen that we can use to clean our house and to achieve healthy looking skin. Now I save money and have an acne free skin and dandruff free hair.

End Junk Mails

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Winter Please Go Away

Well I am so tired of this winter, I can't wait for it to go away. I'm tired of not being able to come out without wearing thick coat. I so hate it. I want to be able to go out and jog in the morning which I really can't do these days. I tried it once in a freezing morning and end up getting sick. So I have to wait for late spring to be able to jog early in the morning. I really don't have much to blog today and I'm off for bed now, it is 2:27 in the morning already. So Goodnite everyone!

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Friday the 13th movie

Well last night husband and I went to see the premier of Friday the 13th. The theater was filled with people; the line is so long just to buy the ticket. We almost gave up but then since we're there already so we patiently wait. And finally was able to buy the ticket. The movie was awesome, first of all the main actor is one of my favorite. Jared Padalecki did a good job acting as the good guy just looking for his missing sister. I jump a couple of times during the whole show but primarily it's because of the sound. Jason in this movies is not dumb infact he held someone prisoner which never happened in the previous Friday the 13th movie. They also added a couple of comedy parts but still the overall movie is not bad at all. Well of course like the other Friday the 13th movie; there are a lot of nudity in the movie and a couple of sex scene. Other than that, we got our money worth and I do hope they will do a sequel to this one.

WP remix

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Losing Weight

Since living here in Ohio I gain so much weight that it's hard to lose it. At first I thought, its ok I could lose that weight easily but then I was wrong. The last time I weigh myself I was so upset knowing how much I weigh. So I decided it's time to lose weight but the question is can I do it? Well, I told my husband he needs to help me, by helping me means he is not allowed to eat tempting foods infront of me. I'm glad my husband agrees. Next, I need exercise but since the weather is still freezing I really can't go out to jog and no way will I pay to go to the gym. So I decided to just do it inside the house for now, some plain stretching and jumping jack might help. I will start jogging around the lake in summer. It's been 3 days now since I started my diet. I totally cut off the meat for now; instead I eat more vegetables and fruits these days. I also have my blender out already because I blend different fruits and vegetables to be easily eaten. Well, let's see after a month if I will ever lose weight.

Online games for the whole Family

My family love to play games online. My husband would spend so much time online playing games on the weekend. When my step daughter is here too, she spends most of her time playing games online. As for me, I make it to the point to play a few online games everyday. The reason for that is, playing games online kind of help me calm down especially when I have a lot of stress. I know a lot of you love to play online games too. I found out this wonderful online game website for the whole family. MEGA Brands Kids Zone is very cool. Not only that you can play for free but also most of their games can be enjoying not just by kids but by the whole family. I love playing Legends of King Arthur, I always enjoy quest games. My husband like the command ops, maybe because he likes shooting games. It's fun to play and there are a lot of games for kids to enjoy. Check out MEGA Brands Kids Zone and you will find a lot of free games that enhance your child's creativity. Mega Brands offers games that are safe and secure even for young ones. Check it out now and see for yourself and I assure that you will love it.


Ideas for Long Distance Relationship Romance

These 7 ideas was an article of my favorite love website. I think it is useful for those who are currently in a long distance relationship. Spice up your relationship even if it is long distance. Check out these seven great tips.

Day One: Love You Pillow
Personalized pillows are one of my favorite long distance gift ideas. They can be romantic, funny or even sensual, allowing you some great personal creativity. In fact, you can even use iron-ons to give your partner a nightly reminder of you as Jennifer, an LYC reader suggests. "For a long distance gift, I made him a pillow and ironed-on a picture of us together sleeping on one side. On the other side I wrote with a fabric marker “I love you” in 30 different languages. Now, every time he goes to bed, he can see and think of me!"

Day Two: A Day in the Life
When you're apart, the one thing you want to know more is how they're spending their days. You want a glimpse of the everyday things your partner goes through to keep the connection feeling real. One LYC reader offers an excellent way to achieve this. "I wanted to show him a day in my life, so I took pictures throughout my day. Then I put them together and added notes about everything that's going on. It's a way of making it feel like you're much closer than you actually are, which is a nice sentiment."

Day Three: Message In A Bottle
Who can resist the allure of a secret message meant just for you? John, another LYC reader, gives us an excellent and very inexpensive way to present this idea. "My girlfriend and I currently live apart from each other. I wanted to send her a special note in the mail, so I came up with this idea. I got a clear plastic soda bottle, and took all the wrapping off it. I typed up a note to her and printed it on some paper that looked like a scroll. I rolled it up nice and tight and tied it in a bow. I put the note in the bottle, and screwed the top on. I taped her address to the outside of the bottle, and it only cost me .55 cents in the US mail! She absolutely loved it! Trust me, it will be one of the best inexpensive surprises ever!"

Day Four: A Story of Us
Keeping the connection real is an important ingredient to a successful long distance romance. Therefore, having reminders of time you've spent together are very important. Rami, a LYC reader gives us a fun and entertaining way to present this idea. "I did this for my guy, and it was truly enlightening! It always helps if you have some theme, for example, a snow day together. You make a collage of pictures, notes, emails, etc. Then write a story about them. It really shows how much the time spent together meant, and it's creative!" For those who are computer savvy, consider giving this as slideshow presentation.

Day Five: Getting to Know You
Like Lynsita, a fellow LYC reader, many long distance couples are looking for new ways to establish a deeper emotional bond with they're partners. Here she offers some great advice, "When you can't physically be together, getting to know each other more deeply on an emotional and intellectual level can be a very good use of time apart in a long-distance relationship. My boyfriend and I started an online journal. Each one of us posts a journal topic and we both respond to it. We've journaled about everything from our likes and dislikes to our hopes for the future together, religion, personal goals and our views on future family values." These journals also offer a great way to record your relationship. In a few years you can look back and see how you've grown and changed as a couple.

Day Six: Audio Love Letter
There's not much that can compare to the sweet sound of your partner's voice when you're apart. Write down a few short, loving, and encouraging messages for your partner. Now, either record them onto a voice recorder or call your partner and leave a series of voicemail messages they can play back whenever they need their "fix" of you.

Day Seven: A Daily Reminder
Sudden pains of longing for your partner can happen just about anywhere. To remind your partner that you're there for them, even when you're not, consider giving them something small they can take with them anywhere like this LYC reader's long distance love did for her. "For Valentine’s Day, the guy I just started dating, sent me a card and half of a two dollar bill with the note: 'I gave you a half of a $2 bill. I will have the other half in my wallet with me at all times. When we are together my half and your half will be a whole, and those ones make a two like you and me, 1+1=2.' It is in my wallet and every so often when I miss him I pull it out and hold it."

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Friday the 13th

Husband and I are really excited for this coming February 13. The reason is, our favorite movie will be in theater on that day. We decided that's how we like to spend our valentines day, we'll just go and watch Friday the 13th movie in the theater. My sis in law and father in law find it funny. It's not unusual to be watching horror movies on valentines day but oh well, husband and I really love the movie. That's all for now co'z I have some errands to do.

Personal Finance

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Freak Out

A few weeks ago, I had signs of pregnancy. But we never really had the time to go to the doctor for check up. Life was so busy that even when I wasn't feeling really good, I had to do things. Plus of course, the weather is making us do things slower than usual. Anyways, 2 days ago I feel weird, I was having some cramps. At first it doesn't stay long so I did not mind it at all. Then the cramps started to stay a little bit longer but still I did not mind it. Then after that, the cramps just won't stop. It hurts so much, I had to scream a couple of times. But I was alone since husband had to do some things and he let me stay in the house since I told him, I was having a little cramps. I took up some aspirin to help with the cramps and it actually worked. So I was able to sleep then when I wake up it was late already and hubby was home. I told him I was having really bad cramps, and he ask me if we have to call the doctor but I was stubborn and told him no. The next day, I was bleeding with cramps and the bleeding just keep on going and going, it seems it will never stop. The pain is unbearable, but I still refuse to go see the doctor. That was 2 days ago and now the cramps are gone but my bleeding still never stops. I'm wondering now, did I just had a miscarriage again or I just have my period? But husband and I don't really know. I am still resting now since the bleeding is still too much not a regular period but I'm just glad the cramps is totally gone.

Darn Winter!

I am so tired and really freezing. Husband and I have to shovel and dig the snow out from the car and the driveway. I usually don't help my husband when it comes to cleaning out the snow but today I feel bad for him so I help. The car was totally buried in the snow, the whole drive way was totally gone so husband had to shovel the snow on the side. It was not an easy job, since last night we have a heavy snow, combine it with freezing rain. It will still go on until tonight. Husband manage to make a small passage enough for the car to get out of the driveway. While he was shoveling, I was digging out the snow that buried the car. Well of course, at the end my husband has to finish my job. Well that's not all the problem. After all the shoveling and digging, the car keep stalling because it was freezing. So husband had to let it run for a long time just to warm it up. And then, he notice it was really low on gas too. So he was wondering if he will be able to make it to work since there is a little gas station beside his work place. I really don't want him to go to work but he doesn’t want to lose job too. So he took the risk and go to work; now I'm wondering if he ever makes it. One more thing, I don't have any way to know it right away since he never bring cell phone. Oh yeah, the anti freeze is also leaking. Wow! This day really suck, this darn winter is a pain!!!

Is Your Guy Cheating

I come across some article about signs to know that your guy is cheating. I think it's kind of helpful for women to learn this signs. But of course, believe all these at your own risk co'z not everyone has the same situation. So here it is:

1. He's superprotective of his gadgets. "The main way that trysts are found out is through the discovery of incriminating e-mails, IM chats, cell phone texts or bills," says Belisa Vranich, PsyD, a clinical psychologist in New York City. So if he's being unfaithful, he may guard his gadgets or act really defensive when you innocently touch his phone or computer. It should be a giant red flag if he readily gave you passwords in the past, and now he's more evasive.

2. He steps up the grooming. "This is so obvious, but it's a sign many women miss: If your man starts grooming down there without you requesting it, that could be an indication that he's spending more time naked," says Vranich. You can actually thank porn for this tipoff. Guys today are used to viewing manscaped dudes onscreen, so if he has another chick to impress with his sexual prowess, he may emulate those ultra-trimmed guys. Another clue: He's spending more time at the gym.

3. He smells different. "When he comes home, if he doesn't smell the same as he did in the morning, and it isn't the scent of soap in the gym or at your home, it may be because he's showered at her place," offers Vranich. So pay attention, because in this case, that old saying "the nose knows" might very well be true.
Nothing fazes him anym

4. Nothing fazes him anymore. "If he was short-tempered before, a combination of added sex and attention could be making him way more relaxed, even downright giddy," Vranich says. Adds Mira Kirshenbaum, author of When Good People Have Affairs: Inside the Hearts and Minds of People in Two Relationships: "If your guy is suddenly going around all happy and whistling, then you need to find out why."

5. He becomes suspicious of you. "If he's normally a mellow type, all of a sudden he may want to know where you are all the time and with whom," says Vranich. "It's the result of him realizing that if he's cheating and it's not that hard, you might also be getting away with it." Also, beware of extremely detailed responses to even your most innocent "How was work today?" queries. He may be preparing epic answers because he's terrified of getting caught.

Beautiful Shoes

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Just Coping Up with Chores

I been busy these past few weeks. Theres a lot of things going on that I almost don't have time to check any emails. So of course, I did not have the chance to update any of my blogs too. I was planning to change the concept of some of my blog page but never had the time to do it. But hopefully this week I would have more time for computer. Today there's still a lot of things to do but by tomorrow I think I'm already cope up with the chores. So I will have more times to visit my friend's website starting tomorrow. That's all for now and Good day to everyone!

Interactive auction banners

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The Wait is Over

I just got done watching the Premier of Lost season 5. It started at 8 pm and end up at 11 pm. As usual I was thrilled and excited while watching it. I actually don't want it to end. There are still a lot of question that is still not answered from the previous season. But I really enjoy watching the show, and I love the cast of characters. I love it and I can't wait for next week's episode. I am still trying to find answers to some of the questions from all the previous season. Im happy now that Lost is back on tv. I enjoy it, I am still confuse and I am Lost.

Collision Repair Experts

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For Supper

PhotobucketI was really craving for pancit bijon guisado since last week. So finally today I decided to cook it for supper. My husband loves it when I prepare pancit for meal. So today I cook it my own way. Since I don't have chorizo as one of the ingredient, I substituted it with fully cooked ham. I cut the cooked ham into pieces then fry it and add to my pancit as one of the garnishment. Well, the result wasn't bad at all and I actually love it. I am just waiting for my husband's reaction when he gets home from work. This is the first time I added ham on my pancit so I really hope my husband would like it. So right now, I am going to eat it since my husband will not be home until midnight. This is what I prepare for supper, I actually think I cooked a lot for just two people but I could always reheat the leftover. That's all and have a nice evening every one.

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This is an article from Our Daily Bread that really gets my attention. So I read it over and over again to understand what is the message of the article. I decided to post it on my blog so everyone can also read it and share their thoughts.

Speechwriter Peggy noonan, in her book Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, noted that appearances can be deceiving. " People never look like what they are," Noonan wrote. Of one unscrupulous businessman she commented that if we could see him as he really is, "He'd be sitting there at the dinner party with a dagger in his teeth." To all outward appearances he was an upstanding citizen, yet he was a hypocrite to the core.
Jesus called the religious leaders of His day "hypocrites" (Matthew 23:12-15). He meant that they were actors. In ancient theaters, each actor played several parts. To change identities, he would simply wear a different mask. Those religious leaders were changing masks. They were putting on a performance to win the applause of the community, but they didn't care what they were like deep inside.
Jesus instructed us not to be like the hypocrites, who perform their religious "duties" to be seen by others (Matthew 6:1-6). He said, "When you do a charitable deed, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.
God isn't impressed by the masks we wear to get approval. Instead, He reserves His applause for those who worship Him and give themselves in love to others.

Hottest Products

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Burning Up

It is 28 degree outside and also snowing right now here in Ohio. But here I am, sweating so much while I am cleaning inside the house. Not because I move so much that I sweat, the reason is because we have problem with our furnace since a day ago. The temperature inside our house is actually 90 degree and yes it's burning me up. Something happened to our furnace, it is only set to 90 degree. It won't let us control the temperature. It is just set to 90 degree so yes it's really hot inside the house. If we try to put it on 60 degree it will do nothing so we are stuck to 90 degree inside the house. It's either that or we'll be freezing! It's funny that sometimes we have to crack our window open just to get the right temperature. Like a couple of weeks ago the temperature was 1 degree and we have to open our window since inside our house it's 90 degree. We really need this furnace fix soon or our heater bills will be so high. Hopefully soon it will be fixing, still saving for the repair of the furnace. Well good evening to everyone and have a nice winter!

Save on Long Distance Calls

With our economy today, almost everyone is struggling. Most people these days have to cut something on their normal life just to be able to save. Me and my husband did some cutting on bills. I use to call long distance to be in contact with some of my friends that are out of state and some are living in Canada. But I had to stop doing that just to be able to cut off some bills. Well of course, I really miss my friends so I constantly check for any good deals on long distance charges. Then I found CallingAmerica and tried their service and I am so contented about it. CallingAmerica let's you make phone calls from your computer to anyone in the US. At first of course I was hesitant to try using it for a free calls but I did tried it and called a friend in Vegas. Since I was unregistered when I tried it, I only was able to make a quick call for about 2 minutes. But for registered user they can get unlimited calls for up to 15 minutes. It is easy to use and you can anybody in the United States just by using a computer with broadband connection. You don't have to pay so much just visit CallingAmerica and try a quick free call and you are guaranteed to be able to save money for calling long distance.

Back to playing guitar

Today I finally decided to buy a new acoustic guitar. It's been a while since I play the guitar. My old one was broken and I really didn't have the chance to buy a new one but today I found a good deal in eBay. I was actually looking for a piano or organ but those are kind of expensive and I can't get a good deal so I end up searching for acoustic guitar. My husband always encourages me to buy a new acoustic guitar but I keep refusing because I just don't want to spend money for a guitar. I miss playing the guitar and I also miss playing the organ. I stop playing the organ when my husband and I left the church we use to go to. But well, I am excited to receive my acoustic guitar and I can't wait to play it again. I will buy the organ next time when I will be able to find a reasonable cost. I am excited right now, it's been a long time since I last played the guitar and soon I will be back playing.

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