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Today I decided that I am switching from get paid to blog to get paid to take survey. Yes you heard me right, I was getting tired of not having task just because my blog don't have any page rank. And I am getting tired of keep checking get paid to blog website to see if I have opportunities which most of the time are always reserved already. A lot of people are saying surveys are nothing but a scam but well not in my opinion because I receive several checks already from answering surveys. And yes it takes so long to answer surveys and yes sometimes you don't get approve on doing the surveys. But I enjoy it better because it's guaranteed everyday I have a survey task. I deposited 2 checks today in my bank and those checks came from the surveys I’m able to do. Everyday as long as I check all the survey opportunity and tried to answer it, I always have little earnings. Aside from that, I receive a couple of products to try too. But I can't say what are all the products I've tried for now since I agree not to discuss it with anyone. But the products are pretty cool and save me a lot of money because instead of buying it, I got it for free. Yes! totally free, no scams at all. It just depend what survey sites you chose and I always make sure that I am a member of a verified and legitimate survey sites. So yes I am switching now to taking surveys than hoping for an opportunity from get paid to blog. But if given a chance to do some blogs, I will still do it but I will not stress myself from now on to have any blog opportunity.


The Endless Life's Journey