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I am so stress today and also my husband. Our winter car needs repair or else it will totally shut down. Problem is? We don't have the money to have it repaired since my husband doesn’t even get a full 40 hours on his job. And worse is he is not even getting any Christmas bonus because their company is suffering from this economic problem so the boss just decided to cut off all Christmas bonuses. Well, that is not really the problem. The main problem is how to get the car fix with no money in our pocket. The money we have is just enough to pay bills and not to pay the car repair. The main reason we are worried on how to fix the car is it's not easy to walk with the temperature below freezing. We won't really care so much, if it's summer because we can always walk but this is winter! and we can't use the other car because it is not meant to drive for winter. If we drive it, it may cause accident because it will be stuck in the snow. So really, we are having so much stress. And well, decision has been made already, no Christmas gift buying or gift giving because we simply can't afford it this year. Life is really hard these days but we are doing our best to get by.


Allen's Darling said...

Hi Fel,

Life is hard ended. Life is stressing too. ALl we need to do is get by and surpass the wind force arriving in our side. Lol! Use you best bullet proof. So, when it rained so hard you won't get wet! Cheers....

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