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Still Awake

Well it is 5: 30 am here now and I am still awake. For some reason I am having hard time to sleep and it's 2 nights in a row now. I don't really know why, maybe I have some insomnia problem. Anyways, since I can't sleep I just thought browsing the web until I am sleepy. Gosh, theres a lot of things to do today and I really need to sleep. I'm wide awake right now and my husband is snoring in bed. I can't think of any reason why I am not sleeping well this past 2 nights. I actually blame it in the two cups of coffee that I drink in the morning since the other day. But I am not sure that the coffee is the reason. I'm really bored right now, but I will just stay online till' I get sleepy. Well, Merry Christmas to everyone and have a Bountiful New Year.


Allen's Darling said...

Hi fel,

I guess you think too much. Or you are bothered for some reason.It happen to me all the time... i can't sleep early. I don't know why? Maybe...somewhere my mind is wandering in somewhere else i never know why? Just take care and sleep it all day long. Happy merry xmas to you.

Joe said...

if u are bored y dont u go out and enjoy some place nicer. like club?
btw it is xmas nite.
enjoy ur self!

merry x mas~

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