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Merry chrismas to everyone!

I believe December is not Jesus Christ Birthday. I am not so much of a fan about going crazy celebrating Christmas because I really don't believe that Jesus Christ was born on December. The fact that December is winter doesn't make sense about the shepherds out during Jesus Christ's birth. But yes I still do celebrate Christmas not because I believe it is the day Jesus Christ was born but because I really don't know when was He born? So even if it is not December I still celebrate it not really thinking of the season but just thinking whatever day was it, I'm still thankful that He was born and died for us. In a few days, we will be celebrating Christmas and husband and I decided to celebrate it with Daddy instead of just me and my husband. We did not buy any gift to anybody because financial issue is so part of it. But who cares about gift, the most important thing is we will celebrate it and enjoy and will have fun. So to everyone, Merry Christmas and have a bountiful new year!


The Endless Life's Journey