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Menstrual Stem Cells

Some stem cells found naturally in the menstrual blood may help cure some diseases. We might think that having a monthly period is always a hassle. Did you know that we can collect and preserve stem cells from our monthly natural blood? Yes, I know it's funny but there is a chance that stem cells that are found from the monthly period of women can be useful in the future. There is a way to preserve and collect menstrual stem cells. Using the C'Elle patented technology; we can now preserve menstrual stem cells. The reason why it is good to preserve and collect menstrual stem cells is because it shows some signs that it can repair heart problems. And possibly treats major diseases that kill hundreds of Americans each year like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, MS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. It can also be converted into cosmeceutical applications like anti-aging and wound-healing. It will be nice to be able to contribute something for the future of our healthcare and helps saves life or maybe it might even save our own life in the future. I always thought that receiving nice material things are like the greatest gift for me but I was wrong. The greatest gift that everyone could receive is life itself. Won't it be nice to learn that in the future when you needed help, you are guaranteed to be able to get it? That there is a way and there is a choice to have it? It's not absurd to think ahead, start contributing for the future of our healthcare. Start learning about how you can preserve stem cells from your monthly period. Check out C'Elle and know the facts on why it helps our healthcare system when we preserve our menstrual stem cells. I know some of my friends would love to receive a gift from C'elle, a gift that might help saves life in the future. Are you ready to help? or do you still feel that it is absurd? If so, then checkout C'elle to learn all the details and the facts about why you need to preserve your menstrual stem cells. I think C'Elle is the best way to preserve menstrual stem cells. It is easy to use and you can build your own healthcare portfolio.



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Hi fel , Nice post

from now on, i guess i will try this to help those who needs menstrual stem cells maybe i can be of help those people needing some help or lacking of menstrual stem cells.

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