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Yahoo Games Online

Last night I decided to try yahoo games online. Funny but I never pay any attention to yahoo games online before. I only use yahoo to browse and check mails but not to play games. So Last night as I was browsing my yahoo homepage, I decided to click on yahoo games. At first I was not interested at all but since I was kind of bored so I checked it. I was just browsing around the games and trying to choose which one I want to try when I finally decided to click the word games. I was looking for a certain game called boogle and yes they have it but you cannot play it online. Since I was not in the mood to download anything, I just skip it and search for another game. Nothing really in particular and then I click this game called word racer and guess what, I enjoy it so much that I sit for a long time infront of the pc without doing anything but playing that certain games. So today, I am planning to play it again later. It's a nice game even though I don't really score high but it's nice to have this brain actually working. So well that's all for now since I have a lot of errands to do. Happy blogging to all my blogger friends!


Allen's Darling said...

Hi Fel

I used to play yahoo online games i love the word racer. I loved playing people around the world.

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