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Helping heroes Family

Sears has a wonderful program called heroes at home. It helps families of hundreds of militaries that will not be able to be with their family this holiday season. The purpose of the program is to give a smile in the family of our militaries this joyous season. Militaries who chose to serve the country and that's why they are not with their family. Sears are accepting donations from anybody who wants to support the waiting families. The donations is not tax deductible but you can help assist military families by your donations. This heroes deserve support and it will mean a lot if you can help their family in this holiday season. Contribute now and make this family enjoy their christmas season even without some of their loved ones that are serving and defending our country.Those militaries sure miss their loved ones but they are protecting our country. They are doing something great and so can we. In our own way we can do something like what our heroes been doing. We can help and support their family while they are away. We can share our love with them and make their Christmas a wonderful one. We can thank those heroes by showing that we care about their family. Touch somebody's life by donating to the sears helping heroes family program. You might think it's not a big of a deal but let me assure you that your donation will help to make this program successful. It's not too late yet to send your donation. Open your heart and let us all help make this program a memorable one. All donations will be highly appreciated so what are you waiting for?

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The Endless Life's Journey