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Globe Roaming Sim Card

Today i finally was able to use my globe roaming simcard that i receive for free. It was hard for my family overseas to contact me since to text from the Philippines to the US cost so much. And due to financial matters, it took so long for me to buy an unlock phone to be able to use the sim card. Thank goodness the simcard was free and activated and with loads already when i received it. So now im happy to use it and my family overseas has a cheaper way to contact me. The signal is pretty good here, the signal bar on my phone is full. So i would recommend using globe roaming simcard to everyone who has problem with their smart roaming simcard. Thanks to aryty for sending me a free globe roaming sim with loads.


chubskulit said...

you can also text for free if you make an account thru

afparks said...

hi there, yes i also use chikka but chikka has a limit on how much text you can send and if the person in the other country don't reply then you will not be able to send message anymore if you use the limit. also it cost 2.50 pesos for them to reply to chikka.

mthann said...

wait sorry if this is a dumb question but how did you get this global sim card for free? im going to peru for 7 months and this would be amazing! by the way nice blog i saw your post on blogcatalog you can visit mine at : thanks!

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