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Freezing and My laundry Soap!

Yesterday I bought some liquid laundry soap because I was planning to do the laundry today. So today, as I was gathering the dirty clothes to do my laundry I just realize something. The laundry soap that I bought yesterday is in the car's trunk and it was 1 degree last night. So then it hit me, there's no way I can do my laundry today. I got out and pick up the laundry soap in the car's trunk and yes it is totally frozen. It's like a whole block of ice. Today the temperature is 14 degrees but the wind chill is actually negative 1 degree. So I tried to thaw the frozen laundry soap by putting it directly to the heater vent. So right now, Im still waiting for it to be thawed and it's like the whole day now and it is still frozen. I guess I have to reschedule doing the laundry for later tonight. I just hate it when it's freezing, you can't even go out without putting heavy coats and snow boots. And I am so stupid to left the laundry soap the whole night in the car. I learn my lesson today, and will never do that again. Not much today, it is still freezing and right now I am just downloading music to my mp3. I am bored to death, just here watching the snow outside and wishing it's still summer. Well anyways, merry christmas to everyone.


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