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Family Movie Night

My husband and I love watching movies. We share the same interest of the kind of movies we like to watch. We have what we call family movie night. We usually watch movies together in the weekend. But before we start the movie, we usually order our favorite pizza and have some drinks ready. Sometimes, we make a whole bowl of pop corn and then make ourselves comfortable at the couch and start the movie. Husband and I love to watch horror movies, comedy, documentary, suspense and thriller. Every now and then, we watch some action movies and some drama. I am choosy when it comes to drama movies. When it's drama, I want it to have a point or a message. It always annoyed me whenever I watch a drama movie and then find out at the end that there really is no message. Even horror, comedy, documentary, suspense and thriller should always have a message. I'm honestly not so crazy about having a message of the horror movies, I just want to be scared. And the same goes with comedy, I just want to laugh. I love the weekend and I love watching movies together with family. The trailer video above is All Roads Lead Home The Movie and this is actually a nice trailer. It's safe for the whole family, why not watch it next time you gather for Family movie night. Try to watch the trailer and I am sure, your whole family will love to watch this movie. So next time you have a family movie night, pick up a copy of All Roads Lead Home The Movie.



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