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Beware It's A Scam

with our economy crisis, scam artist and con artist are taking advantage on it. People lose jobs and are desperate to find anything that will give them an extra income. Who won't like extra money in your pocket? Of course, everyone would like to be able to get extra income to help through the tough times. I for one would admit on it, being unemployed I was so desperate to find a job. So what I did is I put a job advertisement on craigslist. Well, one person did reply to it and yes I jump for joy when I got the email. It was about a babysitting job, and she wants to know my name and address. I still did not think that time that this person is a con artist so then I gave my name and address. Communication with her was good, she claims to be from London and then she has some business here in the US and she needs someone to babysit her little boy. Well of course, it's no problem with me. She is not even worried how much it will cost her, wow, it made me feel great and excited. She said the following month they will arrive here in the US and as soon as their here she needed to drop the little boy at my house since she will be busy most of the day. I still agree with her because I am looking for an extra income. Now she then told me, she will send me a check in advance to pay for the whole month to babysit her boy. That surprised me already and makes me start to doubt and still I agree and happy and doubtful with the situation. I told my husband about it, and boom! He explodes in anger because he knows right away it was a scam. But I being so positive and hoping it's not a scam at the end did not listen to him. After a few days, I receive a check in my mailbox. Whoa...what is this? The check is a big amount, very big and so I believe it was all a scam. So I played with the woman claiming her name is Rosanna Wells, I then sent her an e-mail telling her wow, I got the check and aren't you afraid that I will keep everything? She then reply saying she trusted me and she is forcing me to cash the check fast. Now it is clear, she is not hiring me to be a babysitter. She is hiring me to be a victim of check fraud! Well, I learned my lesson already and know it was a scam so Husband called the police and report it. The police then confirmed that yes that scam has been going on throughout the whole country. They said as long as we did not cash the check, we'll be fine. So then we just tear up the whole check and I erase my job advertisement in craigslist. Well here is some Idea of scams going on these days.

1. E-mail scam- I always receive this scam like everyday. It usually will ask you to click the link claiming that it will protect the financial market’s. It will then go to a fake webpage that really looks like your bank. And then when you update your bank account to that webpage, you've just given them all the information to your account. It's a scam! Never and again never log to your bank from a stranger link. Always type your bank link address when you want to update your account. And report the email to
2. Repair your credit- since banks are being strict now who to give credit cards to due to economy crisis. Debt settlement companies are taking advantage saying they will help you repair your credit. But after you pay them, they won't pay your debts off. If there are hidden fees anything over $50 a month, someone will accept you over the phone, anyone who tells you to stop paying your creditors, if you were not being educated first about your financial options. It's a scam! You really don't need a debt settlement relief agent to wipe out your debt legally. You can do it by making a few phone calls to the companies you owe money to. But if you are hesitant, then find an accredited counselor (
3. Moving company- once all your things are on their truck, your price goes up so high in an instant. It's a scam! If you are moving and needs to hire from a moving company, check the company first at or On the moving day if the movers doesn't give you a copy of the federal handbook Your Rights and Responsibilities when you move, it is a big red flag and if your price jump up so high, call the National conference on weights and measures (402-434-4880) for your local agency.
4. Check Fraud- well this is the experience I wrote above. If you receive a check with a big amount in your mailbox and don’t know where it came from or even if you know and really never meet the person who you made a deal with. It's a scam! Never and never cash that check or even wire money to strangers. Whenever someone you don't know who wants you to cash a check and wire it elsewhere it is a big scam. But if you already did wire it, stop payment by calling the wire transfer company, otherwise it's too late. It's either you have to pay the money yourself or go to jail.
5. Fake Debt Collectors- if you receive a call claiming to be from a debt collectors and threatening you to go to jail if you don't pay. It's a scam! If you never receive the request for payment on the said company by writing then don't do it. Don't just send payment to a creditor claiming the next day they will have you arrested if you will not send your payment right away. Whether it's a bonafide debt collector or a con artist, tell them to put it in writing and hung up the phone. If they continue to call then file a police report for harassment. Be aware that these scam artists uses official and ominous sounding names.
6. Online listings for bargain in apartment rentals- If the price sounds too good to be true. It's a scam! Well yes the property is real but the landlord is not. Scammers grab a photo of some apartments and posted it online and place a dummy rental listing on craigslist. If someone is dumb enough to fall for it, the scammers will tell the renters they will send the keys right away when the renters wire the payment in advance. And if they make alibis to meet you in person, they are a scam artist!


Allen's Darling said...

Hi Fel

I know there's a lot of scam everywehre even me i get that everyday. I almost believed too. But when he is asking me my information i said wow it is a scam already.

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