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Viewpoint Panel Cash Out Again

Okay i recently posted a blog about being a panelist of viewpoint panel and how im able to cash a little amount after being a member in a week. And today Again Im able to cash another small amount though i only have 1 referral. This really won't make me rich but hey 15 dollars every week so far is better than zero. I can buy like 15 items or less at the dollar tree using the 15 dollars from viewpoint. I still have 4 more referrals left so anybody interested just send me a message. Also today i was dissapointed with some other survey sites because they never credited me for the survey i did the other day. I have to send them an email and complain so now im waiting for their excuses. And today is quiet freezing here right now so i guess my husband and i will be stuck on this house most of the whole day. But anyways, that's all i wanna share today. Im just happy to be able to cash out again, at least my effort to answer survey was actually credited. Good day everyone, and happy blogging.


chubskulit said...

I am a member of that but never been active since i started blogging hehehe.. I even forgot how it works already hehehe..

We live in West Virginia, so we're a little close to your state... Right now we're ovwerseas, we'll be back there next year..

chubskulit said...

by the way, can we pls exlinks and foloow each other's blogs.. Salamat!

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