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Switching to Mozilla Firefox

My husband and I are a die hard user of internet explorer. We never tried to use any other browser, for some reason we just like using the internet explorer. But lately we have a lot of problem browsing the web using the internet explorer. We even upgrade the internet explorer thinking it will solve the problem. It never did solve the problem, still having trouble using it. It makes me so mad when sometimes out of nowhere it will just freeze and I can't do anything. We thought maybe our pc has some virus so we then scan it with anti virus. We use the mcafee, Norton and avast to scan it which all said pc has no virus. So then we know it’s not the computer, it's just the internet explorer. So finally, I gave up on it and I tried downloading the mozilla firefox. So then we started using it and so far we don't have problem with it. So now my husband and I are thinking to switch to mozilla firefox as our browser. But still every now and then we find ourselves using the internet explorer. We're so use to it that it's kind of hard letting it go,lol. I don't know if we are the only people having problem with internet explorer browser. But for now, we are using the mozilla firefox.


chubskulit said...

Is Mozilla firefox better than IE. IE pa rin kasi gamit namin hehehe..

afparks said...

i think yes it's better than IE co'z since i use it i never have problem with it.

The Endless Life's Journey