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Rolling Acres Mall

A dying mall located a few minutes drive from our house in Barberton. It is located in the southwest corner of Akron, Ohio. It successfully opened in August 1975. In 1978a food court on the lower level of the mall was added. In the mid 1980's the mall still continued its success though Montgomery ward closed but it was replaced with Higbee's which later on became Dillard. During the late 80's and 90's is the beginning of the mall's downfall due to a change in the national retail landscape and combined extensive renovations and repositioning at other centers around Akron. In 1997 summit mall has an extensive remodel therefore make it boom. Around this time some area around rolling acres mall are decline. Across the rolling acres mall is a dead plaza which used to have a lot of stores open. Up to this day there are only 2 stores operating the huge lonely mall. Sears and jc penny stays and still trying to survive. It is sad whenever we go to that mall and just walk around a huge empty mall with only 2 stores open. Ohio's economy is not doing good as well. Lot's of people are unemployed. I hope it will not come to the point where people refer Ohio as the dying state. There are not a lot of jobs here and my husband and I are talking about relocating to the west side of the country where there are still jobs in the area. Hopefully the new elect people who will handle the state of Ohio will do something instead of just watching the state slowly dying. I am attaching a video of the dying rolling acres mall.


Allen's Darling said...

Great Post Fel, I know some of us never care about our economy.

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