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No Credit Card Debt

Thank God we never get any kind of credit cards. With the economy like this, it will be so hard to pay credit card Bills. I always wanted to apply for credit card before but my husband keep discouraging me to get one. Instead of a credit card, we open a couple of checking accounts and we use the check card as a credit card. I just realize, it was actually the best thing to do because if i indeed get a credit card before i would have hard time paying it now. So it was really a wise decision not to get involve with credit card debt and sleep comfortably at night instead of thinking what to do to pay credit card bills. Using the debit card is better, you got no interest because you are using your own money to buy things. Aside from that, you will not worry about receiving a bill from a credit company. Also you can control how you spend your money. My husband has a really great philosophy. He said "NO Credit Card means No Debt with interest". So yes im happy that we never get any credit card. So we can sleep peacefully at night and no collection agency calling on the phone.


Gvenrose said...

thanks for the visit felisa, musta na? are u still active sa group?

afparks said...

hi Rose, di na ko kaayo active sa group. But i still visit it every now and then. how are you na?

Allen's Darling said...

Halloo there , yes submit mo ulit ang Love STORIES MO FEL, para palitan natin yung dati mo okie.

Cge mag-follow ko nimo diri s imuha blogs. Pag-cege ug visit s ila mga blogs pra daghan mag-visit s imuha. Hulat ko s imo love story utro.


afparks said...

ok thanks, gi ayos nako ako blog tapos na erase nako ako mga linklist oi. saon na lang, mag-usab na sad ko ug butang sa mga link.

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