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I notice some people are quick to judge someone. Like if someone put a blog of their new touch screen cell phone or a new appliance they got, someone for some reason thinks you are being materialistic. Here is my view of being a materialistic. Materialistic to me means when you get your wants first before your needs. There's nothing wrong to enjoy a little blessing from your hard earned income. Nobody has the right to tell you, you are being materialistic just because you are showing to the world something you get from your hard work. As long as all your bills are paid and you have extra from your hard earned income that you use to get something for yourself. A new house, a new car, new diamond jewelry, a new electronics or anything. You are not being materialistic for showing it off to the world. It only means God has blessed you and you are thankful for it. Some hypocrite thinks just because you posted a picture of anything you get materially, then it means you are materialistic. Why can't you be happy to someone when they got something they want? After working hard, they earned it! Yes some people said it's just a jewelry or it’s just an appliance or it’s just a car but hey you don't know how much they worked to be able to afford it. The only person who really knows if a person is being materialistic is the person itself. Because they know their own wants and their own needs. So when someone call you materialistic and don't really even know you in real life, just flat out straight tell them "You are a hypocrite".


The Endless Life's Journey