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My husband and I have been watching this TV show for a couple of days now. Every night when we eat dinner, we watch episodes of lost. We borrow the complete 1st and 2nd season from the Public library. Tonight, we will start the 3rd season. Anyways, we enjoy watching this show; it has a lot of thrill. The story is unique; it is not bland and boring. You have to watch all the episodes to understand what really is going on in the show. You will have hard time to understand it, if you keep skipping on the next episode. Every episode has some important part on it that will help you understand the following episodes. I love all the characters in lost, and really I don't want any of them to die. But of course, I am not the writer of the show. But among of my top favorite characters are John Locke (a paralyzed but was able to walk again when they crashed on the mysterious island). Jack (a Doctor, who became the leader of the survivor of oceanic 815). Kate (was one of the survivors, an outlaw). Sawyer (Has a smart mouth, rude, a real bastard at times but later on became a big use on this whole series). Claire (a young woman, who gave birth on the island and named her baby Aaron). Charlie (A recovering drug addict loves Claire and gave up his life to save everyone in the island). Sayid (An Iraqi, very useful on this show). Hurley (fat but not useless, also a millionaire before they crashed in the island who believes the number he play for lotto was bad luck). Jin and Sun (a Korean couple, who had marriage problem before they crashed on the island). Desmond (He was living in the hatch for a long time until Locke and Boone find the hatch in accident). Boone (He was the first to die but he was a hero, he always try to help save people). Shannon (she is a Bitch at times but when I seen her life story before she crash on the island, I understand why she always a bitch to Boone). Walt (a kid, and was taken by the others). Danielle Roseau (A Frenchwoman, who has been living in the island for the last 16 years and her baby was taken away from her by the others). Juliet (She is one of the others but later on help the survivors on the island. Those are all my favorite characters on this show. Im still looking forward for season 5 which will air on January 2009.


Allen's Darling said...

Hi There

Felisa, im here now.. at our house yes koreannovela is my favorite.

see yah

afparks said...

Hi there, actually Lost is not a korean novela. It is a tv show in ABC channel. Their plane originally came from australia then they crashed on that mysterious island. The original survivor was 48 and 2 of it are the Korean couple. But there are also a couple survivor, in the other side of the island. The show has a lot of twist and turns. It won Best tv drama show in the emmy award.

chubskulit said...

hhahahah... I love that show too when we're there kaya lang di na ako makapanood here.... said...

Hi, I am doing the same. I have just borrowed season 1-3 from the library and I am watching with my family. It is really good.

bingkee said...

I had watched all 4 seasons then and even after, I bought (not borrowed so I can watch them again and again whenever I want to) all the 3 DVD's and waiting to buy the 4th season DVD out on Dec. 9. If you can see, I have a recent post about this on my blog ""
I'm addicted to this show and can't wait for the 5th season on january 21, 2009.

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