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Little Brat

My husband and I had a horrible experienced on having my husband's 6 year old daughter in the house. She's a little 6 years old with a lot of complains in life. It all started when we brought her to grocery shop. She wanted to ride on the grocery cart but my husband said no because she's too old to do that. Then my husband has to come out to park the car and leave me and her to start the grocery shopping. The moment I started pushing the cart, she keep trying to ride on the wheels. So I have to keep telling her to get off the cart. She listens for 1 second then as soon as I started pushing the cart again, she started riding on the wheel again. It's hard to push the cart with her weight on the wheel. So I told her to stop doing that and she won't listen. So I just gave up and just let her do what she wants to do. And then she started choosing all kinds of foods and basically getting whatever she wants. So I told her again, we don't need those things and I have to put back the things she gets. Then before we was done doing the shopping, I let her pick some food that she will eat for dinner and she chose popcorn chicken so then my husband and I get it. And we also get some chocolate milk mix for her drinks. Then when dinner time comes around and after I prepare everything for dinner I called my husband and the kid for dinner since they're playing some pc games. Just as soon as my step daughter sits on the table she started complaining about the popcorn chicken that she chose in the first place. She said that it's making her mouth hot and I don't see what makes it spicy when the popcorn chicken we bought is specifically made for kids and fully cooked already and just need reheat. And then she complains about the chocolate milk, she said why I did not make it hot? my goodness! im going nuts with this kid. I don't really see kid drinking their chocolate milk hot! She wasted everything that was serve to her that night. Everything goes to trash and my husband was really disappointed and of course I am too. Aside from that, the whole time she was at home she started rearranging the living room. Scratching the glass table because she was putting some pictures of her. She was so hyper she can't stop jumping around. My husband was so stress that he drop her off right away to her grandma. And then my husband calls his mom after he was home from dropping the kid and asks if my step daughter really drink chocolate milk hot? And the answer is, they never drink chocolate milk hot, it's always cold. So therefore, we conclude that the kid was just finding reason to complain. That pisses my husband off and he was so stress. She was really a Brat maybe because her grandma spoiled her. But that's our experience with my step daughter.


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