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I'm A Victim, I'm A Victim

I have been a victim of lost mails and packages. I so hate it so much and it happens a lot of times. Somebody here in the neighborhood seems to be stealing my mails and packages. The other day when I checked my mail box, it's totally empty and the mail box is wide open. So then I know I did have a mail and some package. I was expecting a little package from a thing I bought on eBay and yes it's totally gone now. I was really mad and upset but I can't just sit all day to wait for the mail lady. Also she comes in different time, sometimes she came too early and sometimes so late. A few months ago, I was expecting a package of 5 recipe books from my book club and I never got it and the book club has some receipt of the mailing date. But that's not the problem really; my problem is my bank sends me my account statements every month and im worried that the thief stealing my mails got some of those statements. So now I have to constantly check my bank account to be sure there is no unauthorized charge or withdraw on it. This really cause a lot of inconvenience and im still quiet stress on this. My neighborhood doesn’t really look bad. So I am wondering if the person stealing packages and mail live around my neighborhood which I totally doubt. But one thing for sure, I will be more aware now with my surroundings and stop being a victim. Because it cost me money and give me a lot of stress.


Allen's Darling said...

Hi Fel,

ARe You suRe of that? You can " file" complain in the post office. ABout your mail. Coz that is outrageous somebody stealing your mail. If happen to me i am doomed and really so mad about it.

afparks said...

yes it's true but the problem is i can't prove it coz we never caught whoever is stealing. So we have to caught it in the act before we file a complaint.

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