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Government Welfare

In America there are thousands of people that are on welfare. To me the only people that should be on welfare are those that are disable and or really sick. Because those people has the reason to ask help from the government. Whenever I rode on a metro bus here, I always see women with little kids ages 1,2,3 and of course they are on welfare. See, some problems here in America are self inflicted by individuals. Here's a good example, a woman has 3 little kids so then she ask government's help and she goes to welfare. Free houses, free food stamps, free bus ride, free health care, etc. Then when her kids grow up and see the comfort they have because everything was handed to them for free they also do the same thing, go on welfare. That's just an insult to hard working family who pays so much tax to the government. Taxes that is use to pay for these people who just want to sit in there butt and dig government's funds. People who can't stop spreading their legs wide open to have more kids and to have a reason to go on welfare. It seems that some women are using their kids to go on welfare especially if the father doesn’t support the kids. But that's just an excuse because by law men has to give support and if not they will be in a big trouble. And to think the government actually gives some free childcare to those women on welfare that wants to go to work. But oftentimes they chose not to. I hope a change will really come to this country. Make lazy people in welfare work instead of just opening their palm and dig from government's money. It's a big insult to hard working Americans who works hard everyday and then got a paycheck with a big portion of tax deducted on it and part of it actually pay for the welfare people. Why should hard working people pay for those who chose not to work? Why do the hard working people struggle to pay everything while people on welfare who don't work have everything for free? This is my own view and this is my site so if you have complain about what im saying here then tough because what I said is true.


noreen said...

i totally agree! why are we the one whose paying for them? the government should, on first place have strict rules on how to consider somebody as a recipient of welfare and not just give to anybody because they have 3 kids and the father doesnt support them. it's not our fault. it just helps people to be lazier.

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