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I heared a lot of people complaining about the ex-President George W. Bush. I for one am not really a fan of him. But the real question is, is he really that Bad? With America's economy having problems of course, people blame it on the ex President. The war in Iraq, they also blame it on him. But here's my view on the war in Iraq. Yes it was indeed bad but Americans should also think that if America won't be too aggressive to get revenge from the 9/11 tragedy then most of the other country will not give such big respect to the American government. To me, most of the other countries respect America is because they know they can't mess with the American government. The war in Iraq did not really turn out good and who are we kidding? No war will ever be good. But it also show that America is still powerful and will still be able to fight for its government. It's kind of a security that shows terrorist to stop attacking America cause when America attacks back there will be hell to pay. The other night I was thinking, yes it's true alright that the Bush administration did not do a perfect job handling America. But still he did something that everyone of us was able to use it. During his term, he is the only President that gave 2 stimulus payments. If you complain so much about him, then you should be ashamed that you used the stimulus money that you received from the Bush Administration. It's true, the stimulus did not make anyone rich but it did help big time for us to be able to afford something. About the economic problem, well it's not just here in the US but it economic crisis is worldwide. It will take a long time to fix this problem. And we could only hope and pray that it will be fixed soon. The new President promise a change and I do hope it's a change for a better America. The America that was build through Christianity, The America that was build morally by American forefathers.


Benrauf said...

He did that for oil sister. Why did Iraq deserved to be attacked? WMD? No proves until now. Link to alQaeda? Iraq is not Afghanistan. His action not just brought hatred to Americans and White people in general but also increase the global support to terrorist. Extremist suddenly grew up by number and we in south east Asia also suffered from what your former President did. Just look at my brother Indonesia. Bali bombing and hatred to minority Christian that never become worse to this level before. I'm looking forward with Obama elected to the President pose, the support to terrorist can be lowered.

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