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Free nice movie sites

Ok, there are a couple of movie sites that i always go to watch new movies. Most of the time i don't download movies, i just watch it streaming. I'm really happy to be a member of these sites because i really miss the Philippines and some shows in there and of course filipino movies. Though sometimes i also watch some english movies but not so much because it's easy for me to be able to watch english movies than the Tagalog movies. Anyways, here are some movie sites that you might be interested to check out.

1. Teletambayan- You have to sign up and wait for the admin to approve you.
2. Teletambayan the second- Its the second site of the teletambayan
3. Upcoming Filipino Movies- They have a collection of new Filipino movies
4. Hulu- This is where i watch tv shows that i miss. Note ( this is only tv show from the US ).
5. Watch Movies- This is mostly english movies for free. They have a wide collection of movies.


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