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Winter Is On It's Way

Yep, winter is on it's way now. geez...i can finally feel it. The other night we have a freezing warning here and yes the temperature was really freezing. But it's still not as bad as some place in montana where they actually have snow already. Right now here in Barberton, Ohio it is still not so bad. But the news says to expect a few snow showers soon. I really hate snow, funny how it looks very nice on movies but when you actually live with it, you really want to leave every winter. But oh well, it's life but how i really wish i live some state that is warmer. Anyways, right now the temperature here is not too bad but still cold its 45 degrees right now and i guess the low is around 30 something degrees. So it's gonna be a cold night and i honestly sleep good if it's cold. So i will be sleeping like a baby tonight. That's all for now since it's almost midnight already and i really need to sleep. Signing off now


The Endless Life's Journey