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Video Games Addict

I'm guilty on this. This past few days i am into playing video games. I been playing this xbox game called breakdown and i get so frustrated and stress everytime i died on the game. It's funny how i get affected just by playing a game. Sometimes i spent hours and hours just playing some video games. Sometimes i scream, i pout, i whine whenever i lost on the game. It's really crazy and the more i lost the more i want to play the game over and over again. And of course it keeps giving me stress again and again everytime i lost. But I still never really gave it until eventually i go online and look for cheats on the video game i was playing.What a cheater! yes because i really want to finish the game. Finally i realize it's not really good to keep playing games. My stress level went high whenever i lost the game so today i decided i will try not to be too addicted on video games.


The Endless Life's Journey