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My own view about making abortion legal

The world is getting crazier everyday. Why? like for example the gay marriages being legal on some state. I do believe gays also has rights to be happy but legal marriage between 2 men or between 2 women? that's crazy to me. It's so sad how earthly laws change God's laws. But anyways, now some people actually want to have abortion be legal. I can't believe it! My thing is if some women can't stop spreading their legs and get pregnant then it's their own fault so they have to face the consequences. Why abort the new life when it's the mother who spread her legs? Im very oppose to this abortion thing. If you don't want to get pregnant in the first place then stop spreading your legs everytime a man ask you to. Or if you can't help then have safe sex and i'm talking about really safe sex. I believe every woman should be responsible enough to make the right choice. The thing is, if woman's legs are not spread then the man can't do anything about it. But rape is an exception because even if the woman don't want to, they are force to do so. But anyways, that's just my view about abortion.


The Endless Life's Journey