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Well not much really about today. I was just kind of tired today maybe because it was really freezing here right now. My body is still adjusting on the change of weather from being hot to freezing. Today snow started but not so bad yet, if i remember it right last year the snow really didn't start not until november. But this year here it starts early. But well i was able to do a couple of things and i got a few calls from different company scheduling me for a job interview. Most of them i turned down upon knowing the location of the company if im ever get hired. I flat out told the scheduler that i don't want the job anymore. I usually don't accept the job if it's far. Im still really waiting for any jobs here that is close to my house but so far nobody is hiring yet but hopefully soon. Anyways, that's all for now cause i gotta go make some hot chocolate to warm me up. Good evening to everyone!


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