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Technology Nowdays

Well today i went out to check on some kind of iphone and my gosh, i find a lot of choices. Its amazing how technology improve nowdays, now you can do things you usually do infront of the pc with the iphone. To me its easy and convenient coz you could carry it anywhere you want. Especially if you really need to check your e-mail you could just do it right from your phone. Well as i was browsing around the store for phone, i notice a lot of different new technology nowdays. I was thinking this new technology really does help. thanks to all the inventor who invented all kinds of new technology nowdays. But sometimes it looks like people are getting lazy like for example having a robot clean up your house. Gosh, thats really being lazy, well for me anyways. But for some people its convenient for them especially if their schedule are hectic and they don't have a time to clean. Well, let us wait in a coming year and see what are the new technology again. We have gps and navigation system now, iphone, etc...maybe next time they will invent something that drives the car without a real human being driving, that will be cool.


The Endless Life's Journey