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My Husband and I has been watching this old tv series called Sledge Hammer starring David Rasche. At first i don't think i will like it but after watching the first episode on the volume 1 dvd, i can't stop watching the whole dvd series. Its really funny with a little violence that really makes the show more funny. Inspector Sledge Hammer of the San Francisco Police Department is a violent, sadistic, and insensitive, yet oddly likeable detective. His best friend is a .44 Magnum with a customized grip featuring the drawing of a sledgehammer. Hammer sleeps and showers with his gun and even talks to it. Hammer believes in firing first and asking questions never. His defining moment is in the pilot episode, when he blows up an entire building with a rocket launcher in order to deal with a sniper on the roof.Most of the humor in Sledge Hammer! is based on Sledge's callous, simplistic, narrow-minded worldview and its unfortunate consequences for those around him. Hammer is like a human tornado, devastating everyone and everything in his path. Fiercely patriotic and xenophobic, he is a warmonger and a registered Republican. He blames gun control, feminism, and rock music for many of the world's ills. One example of such humor:

Sledge Hammer: Well, Miss, I was in this store when two thugs entered and threatened the owner with shotguns. At that time I drew my magnum and killed them both. Then I bought some eggs, milk, and some of those little cocktail weenies.

News reporter: Inspector Hammer, was what you did in the store absolutely necessary?

Sledge Hammer: Oh yes, I had almost no groceries at all.

Really the show isn't too bad at all and since then we keep the whole dvd and added to our collection. How i wish they make more episode of it and air it back on tv.


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