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Im so happy that finally my payperpost got approved. I signed up for payperpost because like many other bloggers we want the opportunity to earn money while blogging. So i get interested about it when a dear friend of mine mention it to me in a certain conversation. So i visited the site and see it sounds good. So i applied to it but then the first time i applied to they deny my blog because during that time im not really active on my blogs and i did not have a lot of link. So then i applied again and it took a long time before they finally approve my blog. Today to show gratefulness to them i am making this blog. I was browsing the site today and im surprise i can actually meet new friends too. I just love being a member of payperpost.Hopefully i will be able to make new friends and get a lot of task to be paid and earn extra for blogging. So i am encouraging everyone who is still not a member of payperpost to visit their site and sign up. You will surely enjoy and will have fun while blogging and earning. If by chance they will deny your blog at first, please don't get discourage but do what they advise you to do and then re-apply again. And that's all you can start earning from your blogs.


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Hi there !
(Blogging)It's really a cool idea to come up with your ideas n creative thoughts and all that.Kepp going !
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afparks said...

hi thanks, i will visit your blog.

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